Clouds180 on Instagram

With all the controversy around Instagrams policies, I’ve decided to started to using the service to post most my cloud photos quickly and easily. Check them out at This is just a fun side project and I have to admit, the posting of photos via the iPhone app is extremely simple, fast and easy. I can understand why it’s so popular.

However, I have to admit the website leaves a lot to be desired usability wise. Wow! I nearly gave up with the website all together but I have seem to have finally figured it out.

Instagram Home

First day, I upload some photos through the app then I go to the website and this is the home page. Um, I want to log in and see my photos. Oh, those links at the bottom that I had to scroll to see, that “your account” might be it. Okay, I’m in but I can’t post a photo through the website? Really??

Anyway, I now go to Twitter and see the my photos posted, cool! Spend waist some time surfing through my twitter feed to find some more Instagram photos, view those on the website. Okay, so if I want to follow this person in Instagram??? OH, I have to click on their username to get the button and I have to click on the profile photo to see all their images.

I know Mobile first is the wave of the future but that doesn’t mean you ignore simple use cases on your website. Why would you hide the “Follow” button within something?


I’m also not sure why Instagram doesn’t remember that I’m logged in or that I have an account. I leave the site and when I come back I get that same home screen that does nothing for me. I finally get in to my profile, above, and nothing is clickable. My followers, nope, my following, nope, neither is clickable. What’s the point of having followers or being followed if I can’t figure out how to see them??


Okay, enough dissecting the horrible usability of the site and maybe I’m just missing the point of the site all together, back to my project. I hope to check in and post my cloud photos here every now and then but to see (hopefully) all 180 cloud photos go to Good luck if you want to “follow” me there.