UX Resources: What’s on my bookshelf?

I like to read. I like to keep learning. I could waist, I mean spend, an entire day if not more just reading books or the millions of articles that are posted online daily regarding all things UX.

I’ll also admit; I’m also a sucker for that promotional email that says, for a limited time only download this new book at a price you can’t beat! Yep, that’s me, downloading away. I recently purchased A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, by Donna Spencer offered through UX Mastery for only $5.  I’ve already read through a bunch of it and though I know most the information already, it’s always good to refresh my memory.

The Must Haves

If call yourself a UX designer then you must have read and own the following:

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman
– You will never look at the world around you the same. I keep this one as an e-book so I can re-read through it when ever I have a few minutes.

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum: Why High-tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity by Alan Cooper
– I work with a lot of complex B2B products, this book is essential to say the least.

Don’t Make Me Think: A common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug
– I still have the original version. I’m realizing I should really go out and picking up the latest version based on the reviews.

Personal Favorites

Web Form Design: Filling in the blanks by Luke Wroblewski
– I’ve seen Luke speak at a couple different events, he’s always gives a good talk!

About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, and David Cronin

Persona Lifecycle: Your Guide to Building and Using Personas by Tamara Adlin and Jon Pruitt

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about People  by Susan M. Weinschenk, Ph.D.

Interaction Design

Designing Web Interfaces by Bill Scott & Theresa Neil (O’Reilly book)

Sketching User Experiences, getting the design right and the right design. by Bill Buxton

Designing the User Interface, Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interactions by Ben Shneiderman

Designing from both sides of the screen. How Designers and Engineers Can Collaborate to Build Cooperative Technology by Ellen Isaacs and Alan Walendowski

User Research:
Observing the User Experience, A Practitioner’s Guide to User Research by Elizabeth Goodman, Mike Kuniavsky and Andrea Moed

Institutionalization of Usability, A Step-By-Step Guide by Eric Schaffer

Paper Prototyping, The Fast and Easy Way to Design and refine user interfaces by Carolyn Snyder

3 Reasons Why I Love My Clients


This Valentines Day I just want to send out out a little love to all my clients. There are lots of sites out there that talk about horrible clients, and I can certainly relate to most of what’s on Clients From Hell, that isn’t the norm for me at least. I work mostly with start-ups and small business and feel fortune to have worked with each and every one of my clients. Here’s a few things that makes them so special.

Mutual Respect

Nobody knows your business like you do, I know I certainly don’t. It’s working together, as a team that we can come up with the best designs. My clients give me to leeway to do my job and they know where my expertise comes in. They listen to me and I listen to them.

Push for Excellence

Since I work from home alone a majority of the time there isn’t anyone to show my designs to or to bounce ideas off of. That’s where my clients come in. You are my sounding board and since you are the final decision maker, who could be better. Together we take the designs to that next level. I love it when a client comes back and says, well, it’s better, but it’s not quite exactly what I had in mind. You know what, they are usually right. When we keep tweaking it a little bit more and a little bit more, it goes from really good, to great!

Can you also do???

Recently I’ve had a few clients ask if I’ve ever done an iPad app product video or an RSA Animation video? I love the fact that my clients somehow think I may be able to do this for them, but I also know my own limits. Most importantly I want my clients to get the best possible product in the end. Short answer is, no I haven’t, but I’m more than happy to research that for you. I love helping figure out if that’s something we can do together or if someone is out there can do it for you within your budget, that really knows what they are doing. I do the research, lay out all the options and let the client decide.