How To Open The Door To Creativity

My favorite part of school was always art class. In high school I have fond memories of art club with trips to New York City to see the museums. I’ve always loved to draw and create things, but I also wanted to make a living. The starving artist thing just didn’t seem like a great career move. So, design it was. I only applied to one college for an advertising and design program. The rest is history.

I’ve met lots of people over the years that when they learn what I do for a living respond with, “oh, that sounds fun!”. Unfortunately, most design jobs in the real world tend to be very corporate and well, work. That all-inspiring-get-those-creative-juices-flowing project really doesn’t come up very often. That’s not to say the work I do for my corporate clients isn’t challenging and interesting, it’s just not something you’d frame and hang on the wall.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love what I do and I have some of the best clients in the world, but at times I find myself in a creative rut doing the same old thing over and over again. So, what’s a designer to do…

Be creative outside of work!

I’ve attended numerous conferences and seminars over the years regarding creativity. The best advice I heard on how to be more creative AT work, was to be more creative OUTSIDE of work. Sounds simple doesn’t it but what does that mean exactly?

If you think about it does make perfect sense. If you are being creative in ALL aspects of your life, your work will get more creative as well. You will find that the more you do creative things out side of work, the easier it will be to be creative at work. In today’s busy world of juggling work, kids, family and well, just live, how exactly are you suppose to do that you ask?

Pick a side project!

Pick something easy and obtainable and most importantly, what inspires YOU! Take a photo a day, devote to reading every book off the 100 Best Novels list, write or draw once a week in a journal.

It make take a bit of time and effort but lots of folks are doing it, yeah, it’s kind of a trend these days. You’ve probably seen a ton of examples lately. Kate Bingaman-Burt’s Daily Drawings. Jessica Hische has done numerous side projects; one of them is the Daily Drop Cap.

It doesn’t need to be big and you don’t have to post it to a blog for the world to see, You just need to DO it! Of course having something to be accountable to is probably better then not. So get out there and get those creative juices flowing!

Okay, now to follow my own advice and pick a project! Hmmm… what to do?

Hello world!

Yeah, I know I’m suppose to remove this post but I like it! This is indeed my first blog post. I hope to write some really interesting stuff but I’ve got to warn you, I’m a designer, not a writer. I’m a visual person working mostly on how things look and interact. I, um, have never been very good at the whole writing thing. Thank God for spell check!

I’ll try to keep it design and freelance related but I’m sure my kids will pop up here and there. I can’t help it, they are kind a cute. So, just to get it over with, this is me and my kids at the beach quite a few years ago.