User Research & Personas

The Project

I initiated a product usability benchmarking survey to not only get a better feel for how our customers are feeling at the moment but to also get more engagement with our current customer base. At the same time we were able to validate our user personas along with establishing a Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The Role

My goals for the survey was to not only gauge current customer satisfaction levels but to gather product feedback and identify individuals who would be open to engagements regarding usability testing.

I worked directly with executives in the both the customer success and product teams to come up not only the questionnaire but also the list of current customers to survey.

The Process

Using Survey Monkey, the survey was 10 questions long and only took 5 minutes to fill out. It was sent via email to almost 90 current customers along with an incentive of 4 possible $50 Amazon gift card to be chosen by random once completed.

The first two questions were regarding the users role and their task within the product, presented in a check box list to help get a better understanding of our current personas and what they are responsible for.

The next 6 questions were taken from the System Usability Scale (SUS).  In order to keep the survey short and easy to take the normal 10 items were cut down to 6 but with the same wording and scoring. All questions were radio buttons on a scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree with an optional comment box.

We then gave the user a standard NPS question on how likely is it that you would recommend to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 to 10.

The last question was regarding how open they would be to seeing the latest features and taking part in future usability research, with the options of Yes, No and Maybe.

The Results


Based on the number of people that responded we were able to validate our original personas ideas and further extract the percentages of those personas within our current customer base.

Primary Persona

The goal is to find a single persona from the set whose needs and goals can be completely and happily satisfied by a single interface without taking away from any of the other personas.

We were then able to identify our primary goal persona as Tim the Technical Developer.

Secondary Personas

The secondary persona’s goals and needs can mostly be met by focusing on the primary persona. There may be small additions to the interface necessary to meet the needs of a secondary persona, but these additions should not negatively affect the experience of the primary persona.

Served Personas

Lastly, we identified a few Served Personas.

These personas do not directly use the product but they are somehow affected by the system.  For example, as an employee within the enterprise, Ethan does not use the tool at all but he does use the main output, which is the mobile app. If Ethan is not happy with the end product then the entire process has failed. 

App Journey Map

For the final step in the process I created a Journey Map for the app transformation process. This shows the process by which our customers transform legacy applications for the mobile devices and includes all the people and touch points those apps go through along the way.