PowWow SmartUX

The Project

SmartUX is an online software platform that enables enterprise corporations to quickly and easily transform web, database or API legacy applications into modern web and mobile apps for their employees.

Studio in monitor

The Role

I started as a UX Consultant at the very beginning of the company working directly with the two co-founders to design the initial proof of concept product.

Over the next few years I was hired back multiple times for quick iterations on theĀ  product design as well as designing a few customer implementations.

After coming on board full-time as the Head of UX, I was responsible for the design process throughout numerous product releases.

The Process

Every new feature or release starts out with a brainstorm session with the entire team in a large conference room.

Using Axure I would then create a low-fidelity mock ups based off these whiteboard sessions.

In the end the fully clickable and functioning prototype could be shared across a remote team to be used as engineering and QA specifications.

The Results

The current product is now made up of three complex sections, Studio, Explorer and Connect, all of which contain a Preview mode.

I designed the main visual design as well as all user actions based on usability best practices and user research.

I was instrumental in ensuring product consistency through user feedback and research.