Mobile Designs

The Project

User experience design of internal employee facing mobile apps for high-profile companies including BNYMellon, BP, Delta, Fannie Mae, Flex, Forrester, Wells Fargo, and ViaSat.

The Role

One of my many roles while at PowWow Mobile was assisting the customer services team in high-profile customer engagements.

Working directly with the end customer, IT Executive or Department Head, to discuss which apps to build and what the exact use case was.

The Process

After gathering initial requirements from the customer I would build all the screens in the Studio. This creates a fully clickable prototype and allows for faster development time when handing it over to engineers.

I would present all designs back to the customer personally along with a screen flow of all the user interactions.

This screen flow could then be shared across the remote team to be used as engineering and QA specifications.

The Results

The following are various mobile apps done for customer as well as product templates.

Request IT Support

Use Case: Employees at a high-profile bank need to be able to open an IT request help ticket on their own unique mobile device.

Challenge: Create a workflow that guides the user through creating a help ticket that then fills in the information for them.

Multi Approvals

Uses Case: Managers need to be able to approve multiple types of items including time cards, purchase orders and expense reports.

Challenge: Create a template based on actual customer requirements that can be used to help any customer implement their apps faster and easier.

Employee Time Entry

Use Case: Employees need to be able to enter and view their weekly time by project and activity on their own unique mobile device.

Challenge: Create a template based on an actual customer implementations that would work also for multiple other customers, as this was a very common use case.

Time Request

Uses Case: Employees at a foreign stock exchange company need to be able to enter reasons for timecard entry discrepancies on their own device.

Challenge: To clearly show that the same fields are sometimes editable or not, depending on the use case.

Manager & Employee Time

Use Case: Employees and their Managers at a high-profile bank need to be able to enter and view time entry by week along with their own time off detailsĀ  on their own unique mobile device.

Challenge: To provide one app that showed more functionality and features for the managers versus the employees.

Case Workers

Use Case: County case workers need to be able to view client information and input contact information while out in the field on their county android device.

Challenge: To take a legacy windows application with extremely complex workflows and put it all together in a simple to use modern looking mobile app.